Lifeguard CPU Module C2

Lifeguard C2

The Lifeguard System consists of two parts: a Cylinder mounted CPU Module and at least one peripheral.

The CPU Module has a powerful processor, sophisticated firmware, numerous sensors, and an omnidirectional data transmitter. It is powered by two redundant, user-replaceable batteries with a typical life in excess of one year.

The peripheral Modules have a powerful processor, sophisticated firmware, a Display, and an omnidirectional data receiver. It is powered by a single, user-replaceable battery with a typical life in excess of one year.

All dive data measured and computed by the CPU Module are burst-transmitted once per second over a proprietary link to the receiver in any peripheral within range that has the proper ID number.

On the surface the dive control supervisors may review the most recent 8192 dives in complete detail by using Cochran's Navy Analyst. The Divers profiles may be sent by way of the Internet directly to any FTP site or e-mailed for off dive site review.

The C2 includes two high pressure transducers.

Maximum Depth:
410 feet (125 meters)
Unit Case Color:
Dive Summary Storage
8192 Dives
Dive Profile Memory (at One-Second Sampling):
Approximately 10,000 Dive Hours
Interdive Profiling (Records Events Between Dives such as Altitude Changes)
User Changeable Batteries
Automatic Altitude Acclimatization up to 16,000 Feet